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In the last decade, there has been a trend of people replacing their carpet with tile and grout floors. Cleaning tile and floors by hand is messy, back-breaking – and nearly impossible to get satisfactory results. We find a lot of common issues when we learn that our new clients are trying to maintain their tile and grout floors on their own. The products you can buy from the store often leave residue behind and do not rinse well from the tile floor. Let us show you how our tile and grout cleaning service can make your tile flooring beautiful again.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Process

Sweeping: First we’ll remove any little debris, dust, or crumbs from your tile floor, edges and corners. If you have already done this before we arrive, we greatly appreciate it but we will double check to make sure we give the best results and experience possible.

Pre-Spray: Much like our carpet cleaning process, we will apply a safe cleaning solution to your tile floor that breaks the soil up to allow it to be rinsed. This solution gets applied to both the tile face and to the grout lines.

Scrubbing: Next we’ll scrub the grout lines and tile face to agitate and break the soil up even further getting it ready to be rinsed and extracted from the floor.

Rinsing: Attached to our powerful Vortex cleaning machine is our tile cleaning tool. The tool has a 14″ disk that confines the spray jets and the outer edge of the tool provides the suction to remove the water, cleaning solution – and most importantly the soil from your tile and grout floor. This process allows us to have the benefits of a pressure washer without the mess and brings back the luster to your tile floor that your chose so hard to pick.

Drying: We will set our drying fans on the floor to dry it quickly and remove any of the minimal water that is not extracted.

Sealing: Just as we can apply a protector to your carpet to help keep it cleaner longer, we provide a sealant that we can apply to keep your tile floor cleaner longer as well. The sealer will penetrate into the grout and provide a protective barrier that does not allow liquids and dirt to penetrate into the grout.

NOTE: Many store bought cleaners have ingredients that will affect this protective barrier and again, we recommend you ask your technician for tips on how to maintain your tile and grout floor.

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